2019 Reflections

2019 Reflections

As I reflect back at the closing of the year, I am reminded of how blessed we have been, to be able to enjoy our dogs, and see two litters of puppies whelped and meet the wonderful owners of those puppies.

Those litters include a January 2019 litter by CrossTimber Elhew Explorer X Whoa Brokes Elhew Josie. Then a May 2019 a litter by CrossTimber Elhew Explorer X Cross Timber Elhew Arashi. Both of these litters are old enough for us to realize how great these puppies are.
We also bred Cross Timber Elhew Explorer outside our kennel to Scott Ruby's Lacy female then to Johnny Mullins pure Elhew female "Johnny's Dixie Girl" both of these females had very nice litters.
I want to thank all of you who purchased puppies from us in the 16 years we have been raising Ehew bred puppies.
We are still committed to the sport we love Ruffed Grouse hunting, and producing the dogs that are the best at it. We started out simply breeding the best grouse dog we had ever seen "Mcgoo's Elhew Kia " in effort to continue to have the best grouse dogs possible for our own hunting, and selling the remaining puppies. While we didn't raise a litter every year, we are still humbled at how quickly the demand for our puppies has grown. That allowed us to expand what we love doing.
We used grouse dogs or proven producers of grouse dogs in order to produce premium grouse dog prospests. This commitment has put our puppies in greater demand than we could have ever imagined. Thank you again!

Now on the eve of 2020 and our 17th year we also reflect ahead to the New Year with renewed excitement. I look at the dogs in our kennels and dogs from our latest litters, and realize what we have done is produced some of the best bird dogs I have owned in over 40 years of grouse hunting. Dogs that are producing Premium Grouse and foot hunting prospects.
We have plans for two litters in 2020. One in January 2020 (a repeat breeding) and one in May 2020.
So if your New Year has you thinking about adding a puppy into your upland hunting adventures please contact us, and begin making your own Premium Upland Experiences.

Happy New Year,
Cross Timber Pointers
Steve & Gail Creech